North Charleston City Council, District 3

New Ideas For A New North Charleston

The work that we need to do in North Charleston starts with making government more responsive to the challenges faced by my neighbors and that meet their needs with action – not more words.

Affordable Units Needed
Living Wage Jobs
$ 0 Hr.
Failing Schools
Violent Crimes / year
Areas of Activity

Issues We Care About

Stop Gentrification

Standing up to gentrification by making available more truly affordable housing

Better Paying Jobs

In the year 2023, nobody in the US should be forced to work for starvation wages.


North Charleston students have been too long ignored by the CCSD.

Safe Places

Making our neighborhoods safe places to live and our streets safe to walk.

About Sandino Moses

In 2012, I moved to Charleston, South Carolina at a time when gentrification was on the rise.  I watched as citizens in urban neighborhoods were displaced from their homes either through compulsion or choice, by businesses, middle class individuals and upper class individuals.  They were forced to obtain residences that were less desirable or in the alternative, remain in their homes and paying hig her rents in a community they no longer felt a part of. 

Your Vote Matters

Help Us Bring the Change We Need Right Now!

Early Voting Begins

Monday, October 23rd

Election Day

Tuesday, November 7th

My Plan for North Charleston:

Get Involved

New Ideas For A New North Charleston

Call To Action. Are You Ready To Let Your Actions Do Your Talking? Are You Ready To Roll Up Your Sleeves- make posts- phone calls- host and attend events- knock on doors? Sign Up!!!